Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey (OMH) Bastille

A Classic Bar

Many soap makers experiment with some version of this bar. It's a staple in our product lines. From all natural soapers to those who make colorful cupcake soaps oozing with drizzled honey and comb-shaped embeds, and everyone in between--we (and our customers) love this one.

Bastille is soap made with at least 70 percent olive oil (oo).

You may have heard of Castille--100 percent oo.

My creation is inspired by the Soap Queen herself, from this recipe.

Fragrance Oil (FO), Frozen Buttermilk, Raw Honey, and Ground Oats

First things first, Milk Soaps are not beginner recipes. Never made cold process soap? Somewhat new?

Do your homework. Experiment with a basic recipe and read, watch you tube.

Milk soaps are best for people with who’ve has success with basic recipes.


Always run recipes through soapcalc or other lye calculator.

Olive Oil. 27 oz

Coconut Oil. 5 oz

Buttermilk, frozen. 8 oz

Lye. 4 . 3 oz

Oatmeal, ground. 1 . 5 Tablespoon (T) Honey. 1 T

Fragrance oil. 2 oz FO is mix of OMH and Cinnamon Sugar (apx. 1.25 oz OMH and .75 oz Cin Sugar)


Prepare your Ingredients

Mise en Place

You can prep the above-mentioned ingredients (think cooking show) beforehand. For example, measure the honey and oats, weigh the fragrance, etc. The French concept of Mise en Place (MEEZ-ahn-plahs) means “everything in its place,” and refers to preparing ingredients ahead of time.

1.Freeze the Buttermilk at least 6-8 hours in advance. Pour it in an ice cube tray. I love these or similar. They make perfect 1 oz. cubes. Wonder why we freeze it? Lye can burn milk. Keeping the entire reaction cold reduces the likeliness of this happening.

2.Prep the frozen Milk and Lye mixture.

***Suit up for Safety***

This means Gloves, Long Sleeves, and EYE PROTECTION, as in saftey glasses.

Mix the Lye Outside, if you can, away from pets and kids. Lye can splatter so I wear a face mask -something like this, to protect me from fumes and splatters.

2a.Set up an ICE BATH and place your Lye Mixing container in it (blue pitcher, below). See the white bucket with ice? Use a Rubbermaid pitcher for lye or stainless steel. Glass is a no-no in my opinion. I've head horror stories and seen pictures of cracked glass when lye wears it down. Some people do use glass. Not me.

2b. Add the lye cubes and a little bit of lye, in batches.

Stir, Stir, and Stir. You must Stir A LOT. More than you think that you need--and then some more.

You won't be able to view the lye chunks in the milk and the solution is cold so it takes about 20-35 minutes to dissolve the lye. Add a little bit at a time. Be patient. It is worth it.

Note: Lye mixture may thicken a tad since the lye is reacting with the fats in the milk.

Below: Pouring a bit of lye on to the frozen milk

On the right: Milk cubes starting to dissolve. I've poured maybe half the lye in at this point. I find a regular stainless spoon works best.

3. Warm the Coconut oil (CO) in the microwave for about 3 minutes, until liquid. Add CO to Oilve Oil in your soap pot (pot should be stainless steel, Rubbermaid plastic, or glass).

4.Add the lye/milk mixture carefully to the soap pot of oils. Stick blend to trace. Olive oil can take a little while to trace although I was warned that this mixture traces quickly. What is trace?

5. Add the FO and stick blend for five seconds or so. You can also stir by hand--but do it with vigor so that FO blends.

6. Heat the Honey for about 30 second and add it. Stick blend to incorporate.

7. Add the Oats. I transferred my soap mixture to a large glass measuring cup so that it would be easy to pour.into molds.

8. Fill your mold(s). I used one of my favorite single-cavity molds, but a loaf or any mold will work.

9. Leave the soap in the mold for at least 24-48 hours and let it cure a good six weeks.

Steps 6-7. Adding Honey and then Oats.

Below: Stirring in Oats to soap batter

Below: Wet Soap in the molds

10. Enjoy. Check out this lather. Sugars in the milk and the honey boost the bubbles!

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